Helping you live the life you've earned

At Clearwater Wealth Management LLP, our focus is on you, your goals and aspirations. Through a carefully structured 'Discovery' process, we will help you identify what is important to you - the things you want to achieve in your lifetime (and possibly beyond).

We will then carry out a detailed financial planning analysis including not only your income, outgoings, assets and liabilities, but also any other resources that may become available to you in your lifetime. This gives you an accurate measure of your net worth and current and future financial situation, which we can use to help you estimate the cost of the life you want to enjoy and any legacies you may wish to leave to your family and/or children.

Clear and friendly advice from a real expert who always puts the client first
— David Wilkinson

To pull these various threads together, we use powerful financial modelling software which produces a dramatic picture - spelling out the reality of your financial future. Suddenly you can see it, understand it and believe it. We can also model realistic "what if?" scenarios demonstrating the different outcomes you can achieve using various strategies. In effect we can let you look into your future, and then change things if you don't like what you see.

Without this ability, we risk a destiny where we have no time to change where life has taken us. By comparison, many of our clients have found they can retire years earlier than they had expected, having learnt the truth about their money and what it could do for them. Others have found how they can spend more now and still be financially secure for the rest of their lives. And yet more have identified the extent to which they need to grow their business to ensure financial independence – and soon enough to enable them to act.

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Providing this clarity encapsulates everything that is special about Clearwater Wealth Management LLP. We look forward to sharing our insights with you as your partners in your financial future.

Clearwater Costs

We act with total transparency when it comes to disclosing the costs of engaging with the Clearwater service.  Full information is provided at all of our client meetings and is also available on request. 

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Please click here to see our Clearwater Client Agreement.  Adviser charges are explained on page 7.