Since 2012 we have been regularly asking our clients for feedback following our meetings with them.  The quotes below provide just a small sample of the testimonials we have received.  

Please click here for detailed analysis of this feedback since November 2012.

Mr CH - October 2019

“We are happy to recommend Graham and his team. The information is presented very clearly in a way that we understand”

Mr S - october 2019

“Very happy to recommend to all - you have been and are an amazing adviser!  Thanks for that!”

Mr & Mrs S - October 2019

“Throughout our 10-year association with Clearwater, we have never failed to be impressed by the care, interest, knowledge, advice and genuine interest shown by Graham and his team. On this visit, we were really pleased to learn some IHT issues that might otherwise have cost substantial sums - thanks, Graham, for the added value.”

Ms Ae - October 2019

“Always understanding of personal circumstances & concerns - & ready to advise appropriately.
Thank you Clearwater!”

Ms LS - September 2019

“Thank you for the information which I find interesting and helpful. We have recommended you to many of our friends, for the service you give and the kind attention to your clients, and would continue to do so.”

Mr CB - August 2019

“Good advice is very important during retirement and I have found Clearwater very helpful both in direct financial advice, and in related decisions for enjoying ones retirement”

Mr IJ - August 2019

“I really cannot fault the service and advice I have received over many years and continue to receive from Graham and his staff at Clearwater. I will have no hesitation in recommending Clearwater.”

Mr & MRS A - July 2019

“Great service and good performance”

Mr MT - May 2019

“Excellent professional service with full understanding of our personal needs with quick repose to questions and fully prepared for the annual review”

Mr MC - March 2019

“Financial planning against an ever changing landscape of rules and regulations can get complicated but Clearwater provide tailored advice and guidance in a simple and friendly manner.”


Mr PP - November 2018

“Very professional highly knowledgeable advice with first class service and back up team”

Mrs JF-C - October 2018

“I always value the advice and support I get from Clearwater - I know I am in good hands and they are with me every step of the way in any decision making.”

Mr PW - October 2018

“Very happy with the services provided and have every confidence in Clearwater and the team. Very Professional and feel Clearwater are taking real interest in my financial future. 100/100.”

Mrs AE - August 2018

“I continue to feel utterly confident in the advice & help I receive. Thank you!”

MRS JA - June 2018

"The level of personal service continues to be exceptional with real understanding of individual needs, concerns and circumstances. And responsiveness to questions is quick and clear."

Mrs CT - May 2018

"Helpful service and prompt response to queries, as always"

Mr MIC - March 2018

"Friendly and professional advice. Would recommend this service to all my friends."

Mr RG - March 2018

"We have been clients of Graham for more decades than we care to remember. We could not have done any better."

Ms KW - January 2018

"Great friendly professional and well informed service all round. I feel that I’m in safe hands"

Mr & MRS L - January 2018


"We have been with Clearwater for nearly 6 years. In that time we have always received clear and straightforward advice regarding our finances and the options to consider in order to use our savings and investments to best effect."

Mr RH & Mrs AH - November 2017

"Graham provides clear, calm and objective advice which we value greatly"

MS JF-C - October 2017

"As you can see I am a satisfied customer - my previous testimonial stands!"

Ms CD - October 2017

"All brilliant, thank you.  Very personal service"

Mrs JA - July 2017

"Exemplary personal service. Real care and attention given to individual needs and circumstances."

Mr DW - June 2017

"Clear and friendly advice from a real expert who always puts the client first."

Mr RS - June 2017

"In my experience Clearwater are a business you can trust who are focused on providing a helpful and friendly service. I have known Graham Ponting at least 20 years and have never had reason to doubt his integrity."

MR MA - June 2017

"Clearwater continue to provide us with high quality and clear and professional support and help with important parts of our financial affairs."

Mr DL - May 2017

"The service offered by Clearwater is exemplary.  In other words it is worthy of imitation. I have no hesitation in recommending them for providing an above average service."

Mrs AM - April 2017

"Working with Graham has been invaluable in helping us understand our financial position and the options available to us."

Mrs WS - March 2017

"Since our engagement with Clearwater our experience has been clearly laid out in terms of investment opportunities. Advice has been forthcoming which has, in our opinion, met our financial targets and expectations. We would highly recommend Clearwater to any potential investor due to the care and diligence applied regarding our personal and financial situations."

Mr DS - January 2017

"Graham Ponting and his team have an unusual ability, knowledge, understanding and experience such that we as clients have complete confidence in his advice and ability to understand our financial and lifestyle requirements. Long may he not retire!"


Mr DL - December 2016

"We have been with Clearwater some 4 years. We were attracted by the very clear, straightforward and friendly approach Graham takes to analysing and presenting our financial information. He has helped us to develop our plans for the future and to feel secure in pursuing these goals. We have no hesitation in recommending Graham and his team."

Mrs JR - December 2016

"Thank you Graham and your team for the work you do to guide and support us.  It really does make a difference, which is much valued."

Mrs CT - October 2016

"We find the meetings extremely helpful and find the IT and visual presentations are useful - makes it easy to grasp the info.  Graham quickly understood our personal circumstances and tailored his advice accordingly.  He is well informed and when he doesn't immediately know the answer to a query he says so and always double checks, which is reassuring."

Mr MR - October 2016

"Clearwater have always been very careful in listening to my plans for retirement, explain things clearly in an un-pressured environment.  I find them very honest, trustworthy and value their experience."

Ms JF-C - September 2016

"I have known Graham for many years and can thoroughly recommend him, he can explain and demystify complex topics in a way that makes it easy to understand and make decisions."

Mr DL - May 2016

"You cover the salient points and as a result we consider the service to be excellent.  We have been clients of Clearwater for 10 years and can confirm that we are very happy with the complete service, the level of communication needs a special mention."